My Principles of Entrepreneurship

There is no shortage of advice on what it takes to successfully build a business.  But I’ve seen enough bad advice to compel to me get my own thoughts down.  I’m sure this will be a post that evolves over time.  And each of these principles will eventually have it’s own post, so I can expand on the concepts.  With that, here are my thoughts on essential principles of entrepreneurship.

Believe in the mission, not the path

Set short term milestones. Keep your eye on your cash runway.  Prioritize execution against your financial and strategic plan.  Set quarterly, semi annual and annual milestones.  You’ll be surprised at how fast time goes by when you’re head down building your business.  You need to set guideposts so that you can pick your head and see if you are on track, or if you need to make adjustments.  Experiment.  Try new ideas, test hypothesis, discard your failures and lean into your successes.  ‘Move fast and break things’ is a valuable mantra in your early years.  ‘Just ship it’ should be on your wall.  It doesn’t mean you should race to release shitty products and piss off your customers.  It means that 50% of what you think your product should be is probably wrong, and the faster you validate your assumptions, the quicker you will get to Product Market Fit.  Which leads to…

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